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Alan is extremely skilled & passionate about his profession; always ensuring that he is looking after the best interests of his clients throughout the selling or buying process. He has established himself as a market leader setting the pace for others to follow; throughout the years he has been gaining the trust of his clients and the respect and admiration of his colleagues. His professionalism combined with his skilled & assertive negotiation strategies have achieved the results his clients expect successfully over & over again.



Alan is all about maintaining long lasting client relationships. This is the kind of business where trust should be your middle name, where you earn your trust through consistent results & accountability! (Trust is part of being a professional). My reputation is built on trust with my clients, in the community at large and amongst all my “connections”, trade partners, industry members, builders / developers etc. A large percentage of my business is based on referrals, referrals I receive from clients that know, I will advise, protect, and ensure their referrals. Interests are put first & foremost to ensure their complete satisfaction & that of their friend or family member.



Today’s market requires professionally integrated marketing strategies, ones that use all of the current technology platforms available as well as the tried tested & true methods. Working with an experienced Real Estate professional who understands local market conditions and is genuinely interested in your best interests is a must. “Alan is that professional Real Estate agent, truly honest & always practices Full disclosure!” I have a great understanding of what buyers are looking to see in homes today, so I can easily advise my clients what needs to be done & what does not need to be done to bring out the maximum potential of their home.” It is important in a market such as this to differentiate and stay ahead of the curve. Alan is truly committed to staying on top of today’s current trends & understanding the industry’s ups and downs, my client’s needs and wants and the end goal of a successful transaction.



More than ever before, determining the right Marketing Plan for a new listing property can mean the difference between selling for Market Price (top dollar) or not selling at all. My current integrated marketing strategies combined with years of experience (tried tested & true methods) will deliver. A thorough assessment of your home, combined with current market conditions and knowledge of the local competition are the key considerations to our pricing and marketing strategies for your home. Remember “Who you work with matters.” Once you meet Alan, you’ll discover the difference. He is a highly motivated professional, refreshingly sharp, skilled, honest & genuinely happy. Alan Charlton is a real estate agent with Team 3000 Realty Ltd. Check out Alan Charlton's listings or office listings.


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Phone: 604-788-2301 or Email: al@yvrrealestate.com



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